I’ve Been Nominated: The Sunshine Award

Must say a big thank you to booklovers1 for this nomination.  If anything I write  can “light up the dark corners of our minds” then I have to give the glory for that to God, who gives me words.  But it is a huge encouragement to keep going, may God bless you too in your writing booklovers1!


So, the information about this award: Basically, The Sunshine Award recognizes bloggers whose writings “light up the dark corners of our minds”.

As usual the rules are:
(1) Thank the person who gave you the award in your blog post.
(2) Do the Q&A below.
(3) Pass on the award to 10 – 12 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.

So, my answers are….
Favorite colour? Used to be blue, but now yellow and green (getting more optimistic?!!)
Favorite animal? Giraffes, have always felt something of an affinity with them (maybe coz I’m fairly tall.)
Favorite number? 7 – my birthday, or 4 (my position in the family growing up, and the number of people in my family now!)
Favorite nonalcoholic drink? Cinnamon latte … so comforting and gorgeous!
Favorite alcoholic drink? G&T or a nice French Cabernet Sauvignon (white) from the Touraine region of the Loire.  Nice and simple.
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook for catching up with friends, Twitter for more thought-provoking stuff.
My Passions? God; applying my faith to my everyday circumstance; my family; helping others; reading; classical music (I play the violin) but also funky stuff like ELO and Take That (the grown-up version!); have to share the last one with booklovers1 and say my blog!
Giving or Receiving Gifts? I always worry about buying presents but it is good to think about people will really like.

My Sunshine Nominees are: 

  1. Especially Made
  2. greenlightlady
  3. Run and Be Still
  4. Dancing on the Dash
  5. Softly, Spoke the River
  6. justathoughtdevotionals
  7. “Working for Christ”
  8. Armoured Up
  9. This Day With God
  10. Matthew Porter

About francesgabriel75

Just thinking out loud about faith, children and church. Born in Dorset but now living too far away from the sea, which still calls to me, occasionally. Make my living in the world of education.
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3 Responses to I’ve Been Nominated: The Sunshine Award

  1. "Working for Christ" says:

    Thanks so much. I accept your nomination and will post something to that effect real soon. God bless! 🙂 Dave

  2. Thank you so much for nominating my blog! It’s an honor! I liked reading through your answers and getting to know you a little better! 🙂

  3. Pingback: Thankful Thursday | Especially Made

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