Trying to listen…

Found this yesterday – sums up beautifully the challenges of listening to God and the wonderful breadth of what He offers us if we dare to do just that.


I talk a lot. Ask my mother, she’ll tell you. In fact, when asked to describe me in 4 words, the woman who lives with us immediately said ‘Louder than she thinks’. But, God not only wants us to talk to Him, He wants us to listen too. And I try, I really do. I tried last night, but my brain got in the way. So I wrote, instead. And God spoke to me through my writing. I hope some of you can relate to me (non-italic) in this, and know that the words God spoke (in italic) to me are words He wants to speak to you as well. You just have to listen.

Speak Lord, your servant is listening
Speak Lord, I’m trying
Speak Lord, I’m scared
Speak Lord, I don’t think I’m good enough
Speak Lord, I don’t deserve you
Speak Lord, it’s not fair
Speak Lord, it…

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About francesgabriel75

Just thinking out loud about faith, children and church. Born in Dorset but now living too far away from the sea, which still calls to me, occasionally. Make my living in the world of education.
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2 Responses to Trying to listen…

  1. Beautiful! God bless you! 😄

  2. Isn’t it? Can claim no credit whatsoever for this one, but had to share …

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